Patriot Golf Day Donation for KEVIN POLLACK

SKU: $10.00
Kevin has the honor of playing for LCpl Kelly C. Watters in the annual Patriot's Shootout. Watters was as selfless as they come to the point that he volunteered for the most dangerous job in the Marine Corps, Infantry Patrol. As a point man in his squad, it was his duty to determine the most effective and safe route for the 12 plus Marines behind him. Not only did he maintain 3D situational awareness, he was also charged with communicating verbally and non verbally with his squad leader. Whole on patrol during his 2nd deployment, LCpl Watters was leading his squad through and Iraqi Police Checkpoint en route back to base when and IED went off. Because of Watter's courage and selflessness, he was the only Marine killed in the blast sparing the lives of his fellow Marines. In addition to his biological family, Watters is survived by a close-knit family of Marines. Please help me honor the life and sacrifice of LCpl Watters by donating to this great cause in his name.
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