Decoding & Living A Course In Miracles [Digital Edition]

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If your spirituality cannot bring joy, peace and happiness into your life today, what good is it? Learn how to handle life's events without sacrificing your spiritual values or losing your inner peace. Life does not have to be a struggle. This book unlocks the secrets of A Course in Miracles so you can live your life in internal integrity and escape the blame, shame and guilt game that dominates our world. This twelve step program provides a comprehensive study guide that familiarizes you with the main principles, terms and concepts that are encountered in A Course In Miracles. These materials instruct and teach the core ACIM principles in a systematic, logical, and easy to follow order without your deciphering the ACIM Text. It explains the first sixty ACIM workbook lessons and is a practical guide to improving your life today. Both newcomers and long time students agree that this book builds a solid foundation for both the practical implementation of ACIM principles in your life and any ongoing study of the Course. Understanding ACIM, doesn't have to be a struggle. Isn't it time to stop being a seeker of truth and instead become someone who has found it. You deserve to reestablish balance and harmony between your spiritual world and your outer world. Be a finder of the truth. This book can help you achieve that goal. Additional audio support materials for this book is available at: www. Note: Kindle edition can be purchase directly from at the following link:

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