A COURSE IN MIRACLES FOR DUMMIES: Volume1 (International - non USA delivery)

A COURSE IN MIRACLES FOR DUMMIES :Volume 1 ACIM uses a unique terminology that references two different levels of being that are dominated by two opposing thought systems. This book demystifies the text by replacing the pronouns and unclear references with their meanings and clarifies the appropriate level associated with each passage. All antecedent references made to ACIM’s second edition are clearly noted in bold print for easy reference to the original text. Each text paragraph is then followed by an explanatory note to assist the reader in their own interpretation of the paragraph. Because of publishing size restrictions,A COURSE IN MIRACLES FOR DUMMIES is sold in paperback as two separate volumes. This is Volume 1 of the two volume set. Volume 1 covers Chapters #1-15 of ACIM's text. Note: Volume 2 covers Chapters #16-31 of ACIM's text.

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