A Course In Miracles Workbook For Dummies (USA delivery)

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A Course in Miracles (ACIM) should be a practical course that helps you live a happier and self-fulfilled life today. Yet, for most, this remains an unfulfilled promise. Why? Because most people never complete the 365 daily Workbook Lessons associated with the text. The Lessons are designed to bypass the mind of your ego and open your heart. Yet, most either ignore, struggle or fail to grasp the true meaning of these lessons but you can change that. This book covers all 365 Workbook Lessons. Each lesson is presented in “Dummies format” which demystifies the original workbook lessons by replacing the pronouns and unclear references with their meanings. This clarifies the purpose or meaning of each lesson. Each lesson is then followed by an explanatory note to assist the reader with a deeper understanding of the lesson. The ACIM for Dummies Series is an excellent reference tool for those who seek a deeper level of understanding of A Course In Miracles’ teachings. The ACIM for Dummies series cuts thorough the mystery of the Course’s esoteric text and makes Jesus’ message alive and accessible to the ordinary reader. The richness and simplicity of ACIM’s message of freedom, joy, forgiveness and unconditional love awaits anyone who is willing to see things differently. You can exchange your fear-based thought system for the peace of God. Happiness is only a choice away and you can make that choice today. A special thanks to Jon Mundy who provided the forward for this book.

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