Willow Stool

SKU: $49.00
ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE U.S. Unique rustic charm that fits into any room of the house, the living farm’s dancing willow stools make a wonderful gift for the holidays! These stools are great for putting on your shoes or for getting things out of the high cabinets. Each of these short stools is made with the farm’s unique dancing willow wood, the seat cushion is covered with our trademark wool patterns. If the natural warming properties of the wool cover aren’t quite right for your use choose the fabric option created for those of you who want your stools to take part in your outdoor adventures. These willow stools use a tree line that Lynn’s father started. These trees were sold across the country for years. They are one of the fastest growing trees in the world. Our dream of bending willow furniture over the years has become a reality with these stools.

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