Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact The Living Farm?

You can email us at

How do I know my transaction will be safe?

Our online shopping cart and security technology ensures the safest and most reliable checkout experience for our customers.

Is your wool cruelty free?

Yes, we do not use sheep skin. The wool used in each of our products is the product of our spring shearing sessions where the sheep get a haircut. We then process this wool and use it for felting. No sheep are harmed in the making of your slippers!

Is your wool itch free?

Unlike other woolen products our organic wool will not have the “itchiness” of most wool products. What is most irritating to the skin in those products are the harsh chemicals used to dissolve the hay out of the sheeps fleece. Our girls wear coats to protect their fleece and any that contain hay is composted. When washing we only use gentle detergents you would use on your own clothes. 

What is your refund or exchange policy?

Yes, we do, you can access the return policy in the menu at the top of this page, or by visiting - 

Do you ship outside of the main 48 states?

We can ship outside of the main 48 states, we ask that before you order through our online store, that you directly email us so that we can quote you the shipping details and discuss which products are available for sale.

I'm local, how can I waive the shipping fee and pick up the order?

In the left hand category, select the, Local Pick Up, category. Here you will be able to purchase your product without the shipping fee. You will then receive an email containing your orders finish date and our pick up hours.

When will I receive my order?

Depending on availability, you should receive your product within 3 weeks of ordering. Once you have purchased you will receive an email with the estimated shipping date, you can then track your package with the code included in the email.

How do I wash my wool product?

Please refer to your care tags that are included with the product. If you lost the care tag, please email us at info at thelivingfarm dog org to get details on care. 

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