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06. All Season Travel Pack

SKU: $51.90

1 "ALL WEATHER SYSTEM" and 1 "EXTREME WEATHER SYSTEM"plus a additional FREE pair of Coolmax Liners.

NOTE: The bulkier knit construction of the “Extreme Weather” system may require a wider or larger boot size that you would normally wear.

The "All Weather" system is our most versatile and popular system. Designed to withstand moderate to heavy conditions and temperatures ranging 0˚f to +100˚f. The "All Weather" sock system makes the  perfect hiking socks. These wool socks will keep you going when other socks don't.

The "Extreme Weather" boot sock is a heavier weight version of the "All Weather" boot sock designed to withstand extreme load conditions and extreme temperatures ranging from: -40˚f to 0˚f /100˚f to +120˚f. These boot socks will keep your feet happy when the conditions are less than desirable. 

Saving You $8.95
The "TechSpun Liner" is made of 95% Coolmax fabric and 5% Lycra designed to keep wick moisture away and keep your feet cool and dry. Reduce the chances of blisters, and keep your feet dry with these boot liners so you can make it all the way all the while your feet feel great!

Small: Men's 7 and under; Women's 7.5 and under
Medium: Men's 7.5 - 9; Women's 8 - 10
Large: Men's 9.5 - 11; Women's 10+
X-Large: Men's 11.5 - 13