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4. Standup Special Star Display


Includes all the items in the Basic Special Star Package but encases the certificates within a two-sided acrylic stand-up display. The front and back panels are held together with 4 small corner magnets. The Verification Certificate, with your words and expressions including the Gold Raised Seal and Satin Gold Ribbon, is displayed in the front and the opposite side displays the Congratulations Certificate. This item arrives in the White Starview Presentation Box and also includes the Star Chart and Twinkle the Intergalactic Star Bear. The Acrylic Display measures 9.8" wide x 12.3" high x 2.0" depth at the base. This item is perfect for your Special Person to display in their office, on the fireplace mantle, light or night stand, counter, dorm room, apartment, or anywhere to reflect their designation as a pecial Star To order this item complete the form to the right and select "Add to Cart."

Category:Unique Gifts