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Bike Saddle Pressure Mapping session

SKU: $125.00
The more fitting we do, the more we find that saddle comfort and posture are essential to riding success (and power!). Now with Gebiomized digital mapping, we can see your saddle pressure AS YOU RIDE, and predict which saddles reduce pressure -- so you can avoid discomfort, numbness, and power loss. Analyze your current saddle, then try as many saddles as you like in 60 minutes -- each will be mapped and compared. Compare upright riding with drop-bar or aero position. Even compare different shorts for pressure. At the end of the session, you'll have saddle maps and also receive up to two free saddle demo rentals to try alternative saddles on your own. Buy a saddle, and you'll receive $35 off the price. PLEASE CALL THE LAB TO SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT - AVAILABLE SEVEN DAYS A WEEK.