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Color Energy Music Seven Chakras CD

SKU: $14.99

This Chakra Balancing CD is a must for Invigorating and balancing ones Energy system. Created by a famous Norwegian astrologer, writer and musician, Morten Alexander Joramo uses a single note from several octaves in each song. This brilliant series of chakra energy balancing music was produced so that each song would resonate with a color allowing the release of any blockages, freeing the flow of energy throughout the body. Combining vibration with intent, Joramo cleverly incorporates the power of each energy centre in his music. For example, the Red energy song utilizes a driving beat projecting Red's motivating and energizing energy. Whereas, the Orange song begins with sounds of a thunderstorm (the water element expressing the flow and moveĀ¬ment of the Orange power). This CD is used in yoga, meditation classes and during treatments. Red,Orange,Yellow,Green,Blue,Indigo,Violet
An amazing chakra CD! Regularly $19.99


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