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Hydrosols are also called aromatic waters, hydrolate, hydrolat,
floral water, and plant water or distillates. They are the water
from the distillation processes of Essential oils. Aromatic plants,
flowers or herbs are placed in a distillation tank and are processed
with boiling water and / or steam. The Essential oil vapors mix in
the water during the distillation Process. As the condensing tank
cools the Essential Oils float to the top of the water which the water becomes a Hydrosol (distillate).
They have the same medicinal properties in a diluted form than Essential Oils. Hydrosols can be used
directly on the face and skin. Comes with a sprayer or just a cap lid in a 2 oz. and 4 oz. Bottle.

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2 oz. Mist Sprayer

2 oz. Mist Sprayer

"Mist Sprayer - Sold Separately"
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