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Actor Reel - Short Film Package - Demo Reel

Starting at $799 for a 1+ minute/1 page scene(s) with the title card and credit roll added as a bonus, we will prepare a "feature film" quality production for you to act in, substantially enhancing your public resume. 1. We script it, (custom to your strengths) 2. We coach you to maximize focus on those strengths.... 3. We co-star, 1 professional SAG/AFTRA actor from films or shows like Tombstone, Lethal Weapon, Westworld, CSI, or Criminal Minds...whichever is available for your booking.** 4. We dress you up really cool for it!!! 5. We direct it and have our amazing crew work it!!! 6. We film it in HD 4k resolution, just like a top notch production!! 7. WE FEED YOU SNACKS....ha-ha... 8. We edit it 9. We color correct it! 10. We sound design it!, 11. We original score it! 12. We make it the real deal, cinema graphic "gift" for you, your family or friends to exchange at Christmas!!! 13. We manufacture 2 Blu-Ray DVD's for you, placed in a kewl card with envelope, ready to send off as the impactful actor reel casting directors and agents will remember. 14. We provide shareable links for your social networking. 15. We create an IMDB page for larger concepts. **add 200**