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Eye Makeup Remover Pads All Skin Types pH 6.0 50 pads DESCRIPTION: Removes makeup and mascara while delivering biogenic skin softeners. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: *􏰀 Removes makeup and mascara 􏰀* No tears formula, gentle enough for sensitive skin 􏰀* Soothes, softens and heals the eye area 􏰀* Alcohol free 􏰀* Convenient premoistened pads KEY INGREDIENTS Hyaluronic Acid: Powerful humectant, promotes wound healing, softens skin NaPCA: Biogenic moisturizer Cetrimonium Laureth-12 Succinate: Extra-mild cleansing agent AT HOME USE: Using a premoistened pad, gently wipe off makeup and mascara. Sanítas Eye Makeup Remover is strong enough for water resistant makeup, yet gentle enough for most sensitive skin types.

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