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Salicylic Herbal Cleanser Oily Skin Types pH 4.3 200ML DESCRIPTION: A stimulating cleanser formulated with Salicylic Acid to exfoliate dead skin cells and eliminate blemish causing bacteria. FEATURES AND BENEFITS:  Dissolves sebum  Exfoliates and stimulates the skin  Fights acne-causing bacteria  Contains herbs with medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties KEY INGREDIENTS Salicylic Acid: Dissolves sebum, antibacterial, stimulates, and exfoliates Tea Tree Oil: Medicinal, fights acne-causing bacteria Fir Needle Oil: Antiseptic Arnica Oil: Anti-inflammatory Chaparral Oil: Antibacterial, anti-fungal Ginger Oil: Circulatory stimulant, antiseptic Sage Oil: Medicinal, antiseptic Lavender: Soothes skin Chlorophyll: Antioxidant, heals NaPCA: Biogenic moisturizer AT HOME USE: Apply a small amount to damp skin on face and neck. Gently lather with fingertips or facial brush and rinse with warm water. Benefits can be achieved by using this product as little as three times per week. PAIRS WITH: Use Lemon Cream Cleanser as an alternating cleanser to Salicylic Herbal Cleanser. Also consider Mild Medicated Toner, Oil Free Moisturizer, Tea Tree Mask, and Complexion Clear.

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