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PeptiDerm Eye Treatment All Skin Types pH 6.8 15ml DESCRIPTION: PeptiDerm Eye Treatment is specially formulated to help prevent the signs of premature aging in the delicate area around the eyes. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: *􏰀 Contains high concentrations of anti-aging and anti-wrinkle peptides *􏰀 Helps nourish and hydrate the delicate eye area 􏰀* Helps reduce redness and puffiness around the eyes *􏰀 Stiumlates collagen and elastin production at the cellular level 􏰀* Helps improve skin elasticity and texture 􏰀* Increases capillary strength and integrity *􏰀 Spin Trap technology helps eliminate free radicals KEY INGREDIENTS Acetyl Glutamyl Heptapeptide: Muscle relaxing peptide that works to inhibit nerve signals and weaken intense muscle contractions Peptapeptide-3: Group of Amino Acids that helps prevent wrinkles Palmitoyl Oligopeptide: Stimulates collagen, elastin and glucosaminoglycan production Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7: Provides anti-inflammatory properties Hesperidine Methyl Chalcone: Supports vascular integrity and decreases capillary permeability Acsorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (Lipophilic Vitamin C): Moisturizes, improves skin tone and texture, stimulates collagen production Red Algae: Provides anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce eye puffiness Spin Trap: Free radical scavenger Phospholipids: Improves penetration of active materials Perflurodecalin: Carries oxygen to provide anti-aging properties and improvements in overall skin health AT HOME USE: Using fingertips, gently pat a small amount around the eye area. For maximum anti-aging and skin firming results, use a variety of the Sanitas PeptiDerm products at home. In the morning and/or night, apply PeptiDerm Anti-aging Serum to the entire face and allow it to set for one minute. Then, apply the PeptiDerm Moisturizing Cream. Finish by applying the PeptiDerm Eye Treatment to the eye area.

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