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Drying Lotion Combination, Oily Skin Types pH 6.1 30ml DESCRIPTION: To absorb excess skin oils without affecting underlying hydration, while providing skin healing nutrients. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: *􏰀 Dries excess oil and reduces sebum *􏰀 Accelerates healing of blemished skin 􏰀* Prevents future breakouts 􏰀* Controls oily shine, leaving a nice matte finish to the skin KEY INGREDIENTS Sulfur: Speeds healing, antibacterial Zinc : Speeds healing, antibacterial, oil absorbing Calcium: Improves cell turnover, skin healing Vitamin B5: Prevents formation of excess oils TIP: Drying Lotion can be used to discourage ingrown hairs. Apply post-wax and reapply daily for continued benefits. AT HOME USE: Apply a thin layer to oily skin 1 to 2 times a day after cleansing. Or, spot treat blemished areas. Follow with the appropriate Sanítas Moisturizer. PAIRS WITH: Zapper, Tea Tree Mask

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