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Shea Butter 30% Extreme Cre'me (WHITE CHOCOLATE)

99.7% Natural. 90% certified organic. How much shea butter is in your body cream? We have nothing to hide because we add as much as we can in order to make a thick, healing and effective body cream that is still easy enough to spread and glide. Our decadently rich body cre'me is the ultimate cream all day moisture protection. Made with 30% organic cocoa & shea butters and pure, dreamy vanilla in freshly pressed aloe juice. When Shea Terra Organics was created over a decade ago our goal was to provide the highest quality skin care products that benefited the maximum number of suppliers in Africa. While our line has expanded tremendously, our original vision has never changed. Over a decade ago the miraculous benefits of shea butter were little known. Shea butter products weren’t very popular and those that existed contained very little shea butter. As healing as shea butter is it is no wonder that shea butter is now a household name. But while the number of shea butter products available has changed, the quality of “shea butter” products have remained the same. In order to benefit from the powers of shea butter there needs to be a high percentage of it in the product. Thickeners such as stearic acid are often used to make a shea butter product seem like it contains more butter than it actually does. Our simple Shea Butter Extreme Crème is made with only a few quality ingredients so you get more of the good stuff and nothing that you don’t really need in the first place. Our crème begins with 30% certified organic shea butter collected from a hippo conservation project in Ghana. Such a high percentage of shea butter provides a long lasting moisture barrier for skin as it offers healing for a multitude of skin conditions. This high percentage of shea butter also works against stretch marks, scarring, and dramatically improves the appearance and texture of aging skin. Instead of using recycled water from city water plants, we use pure aloe vera juice freshly pressed and preserved for us in Texas. This pure form of aloe vera provides a great level of hydration while aiding skin renewal.

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