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Bushmen's Buchu Muscle Relaxing Bath Oil Drops

100% Natural. Unleash the secret pain reliever unearthed by the "bushmen" of southern Africa hundreds of years ago. It is believed that their observation of wild animals rubbing against the buchu bush lead to their discovery of the plants muscle relaxing/ anti-spasmodic properties. Add a few dropperfuls of this amazing oil to your night bath and get straight to bed. (Do not use if you are pregnant, lactating or have a heart condition). Warning: This product is not for pregnant women or people with high blood pressure. What will these amazing Bath Oil Drops do for my bath? Was the buchu leaf the Bushmen’s secret to finding a meal? Maybe not considering that animals too rub against the buchu plant for achy muscles. Our botanical blend of buchu and other Muscle Relaxing essential oils contains potent anti-spasmodic constituents which help muscles relax while you unwind in the tub. How does my body benefit from a Muscle Relaxing bath? Repetitive movements, straining, sudden moves- these motions all put a strain on muscles causing painful inflammation. Discovered in southern Africa hundreds of years ago, buchu leaf offers anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic relief. How are Shea Terra Organics’ Bath Oil Drops eco-socially friendly? Shea Terra Organics practices Free Trade. We work with small groups of gatherers, cooperatives and families to source our premium ingredients. Your purchase of our Bath Oil Drops gives an economic incentive for local peoples to preserve their wild habitats.

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