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Argan & Desert Date Ultra-Moisturizing Face Creme

Description 99.7% Natural. Ultimate moisturizing cre'me to prevent and reduce wrinkles due to lack of hydration. Organic argan oil and desert date oil combine to moisturize skin all day long. Size: 2 oz. Discover the ultra-moisturizing powers of two of Africa's most coveted beauty oils. Both packed with anti-aging vitamins, Moroccan argan and desert date oils provide skin with hours of moisture loss, lipid barrier protection. Collected from some of Africa's driest regions, these oils produce skin that looks and feels younger, firmer and well hydrated. Organic Moroccan argan oil is extracted from fruits wild harvested in the Argan Forest. Argan trees fruit nowhere else in the world making the Argan Forest one of the most endangered forests in the world. The kernels of their green fruit produce a highly emollient oil that nourishes and protects the skin. Shea Terra Organics' founder, Tammie Umbel, traveled the area extensively to find what she believed to be the best source of the oil traditionally made by the Berber women. Buying traditionally made argan oil versus machine made oil helps the women to maintain better control over the politics and economics of their area as they have for thousands of years. Desert date oil is a valuable anti-aging oil once favored by the ancient Egyptians themselves. This oil is expressed from the seeds of a bitter date eaten in times of famine. Growing in various parts of Africa in conditions of extreme drought, this oil is not only good for your skin, it is sustainable and produces local incomes from those who collect the dates in the wild as well.

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