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Baobab Olive Tree Age Wise Face Cre'me

99.7% Natural. If you are looking for a highly effective yet simple face cream that nourishes skin without two many unnecessary or irritating ingredients, this is the face cream for you. This rich, emollient cream is made in a base of pure aloe vera juice to enhance the moisture and electrolyte level of the skin. Omega rich baobab and olive oils whipped into the fresh juice to plump cells and reverse the damages of time. Anti-oxidant rich olive leaf combats free-radicals that cause wrinkles and sagging. Scroll down to read more. Size: 2 oz. The ravages of time coupled with environmental stress pluck away at facial skin's fragile infrastructure. Damaged, aging skin is rapidly depleted of the nutrients and squalene it needs to remain youthful and firm. Packed with omegas and vitamins, the oil from ancient baobab trees combines with squalene rich, extra virgin olive oil to replenish and reverse damage. Olive leaf offers anti-bacterial protection.

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