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Rooibos Marula-E Anti-oxidant Face Cre'me

99.7% Natural. Three of the world's most anti-oxidant ingredients combine in this reparative cream to fight off wrinkle causing oxidation. South African rooibos tea has several times the anti-oxidants of green tea. Marula oil smoothes skin and improves elasticity. In the Fynbos region of South Africa, a most amazing herb was found being drank by the indigenous peoples. This delicious, earthy vanilla like tea was exceptionally good for calming stomachs, colic and even irritated skin. Hundreds of years later it was discovered that this herb was also several times higher in anti-oxidants than the ever popular green tea. Free radical scavengers caused from sun exposure, chemicals and normal oxidation damage healthy skin cells and collagen causing wrinkles and sagging. The powerful anti-oxidant aspalathin found in the rooibos "tea" of South Africa minimizes cell damage creating youthful looking skin. The added anti-oxidant benefits of rare Namibian marula oil, known to be the world's most oxidant resistant oil, and vitamin E combine to boost cell and collagen repair.

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