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3 PACK | Triple Whammy Broadhead

SKU: $29.95

Question: Why does the double, and triple whammy broadheads shoot more
accurate than other fixed-blade broadheads of similar cutting area?

Answer: When you shoot the broadhead the oncoming air flow is dispersed away
from the following larger rear blades by the engineered bevel on the ferrules front
tip: this greatly reduces erratic arrow flight, and improves accuracy.

Designed to Take African and Large North American Big Game
Most Accurate Fixed Blade Broadhead of Similar Size

100 grain

  • Large cutting area of 2-3/4”
  • Front blade 1/2”
  • Each main blade 1-1/8”

Double and Triple Whammy Broadheads

  • Cut on contact for deeper penetration
  • Large blade cutting area. Tip blades 1/2” wide (Main blades 1-1/8” wide)
  • Cuts large holes, and leave large blood trails
  • Hardened stainless steel blades are .040 thick, much thicker and stronger than most broadhead blades
  • Ferrules are 7075 high tensile strength aluminum, stronger than standard ferrules
  • Built to penetrate rib and shoulder bones
  • Replacement blades available