US Optics SN-3 5-25x58 TPAL Mil Scale GAP

SKU: $3,301.00

Reticle: Mil Scale GAP
Tube Diameter: 35mm

The most successful scope of U.S. Optics, the SN-3 5-25X TPAL is a variable magnification scope made for target engagement out to 2000+ yards. It has a Turret Parallax Adjustment with the knob on the left, 35mm tube for maximum range, Digital Push Button illumination and U.S. Optics best knobs: EREK 1/10 Mil for Elevation and US#3 1/10 Mil for Windage. Objective of 58mm for maximum light gathering.

This scope has the ingenious Mil GAP reticle (see picture). Designed by U.S. Optics and GA Precision, this MIL based reticle offers full MIL as well as 1/2 MIL increments. A total of 9 MIL's from the center down on the vertical axis, and 4 MIL's left and right of center on the horizontal axis. Illuminated.

Category:US Optics

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