NXS 3.5-15x50mm .250 MOA ZeroStop Velocity 1000 HVM.5 C398

SKU: C398 (HVM.5) $1,882.00

Nightforce most popular all range scope with ZeroStop and the new Velocity 1000 reticle matched to your rifle! 0.250 MOA adjustments. Low profile 50mm objective.This scope has the HVM.5 version of the reticle. Select the appropriate version of the reticle using the software in the Nightforce website (click BACK after you are done):


Some Great Calibers Matches to this Velocity 1000 reticle:

HVM.5 = 25-06, 7 Rem Mag (150-160gr), 300 WBY (200gr), 338 LAPUA, 7 WSM, 7 Rem Mag (<150gr)


Manufacturer's SKU: C398 (HVM.5)

Inventory Status: In Stock. Available for immediate shipping!

Category:NXS 3.5-15x50

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