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Orange Electronics 11.5mm Motorcycle TPMS Tire Pressure Monitor System Japanese Models 11.5mm Valve StemSKU: OEM203T

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Our Orange Electronic M203 TPMS Tire Pressure and Temperature System Display is easily installed on your dash, fairing, handlebar, brake reservoir, and many other convenient locations. The sensors replace your valve stems and go inside your rim like the millions installed on today’s automobiles. This keeps the sensor inside and protected from the elements plus gives it the unique ability to Monitor and Warn you should either Pressure or Temperature threaten your Front or Rear Tires. These are “Tubeless Only” and will not work if your bike uses an inner tube. Features: • Tire Pressure Readings Front and Rear Simultaneously Range 0~74 PSI, 508 kPa, 5.1 Bar (programmable PSI, kappa, Bar display and accurate to 1 PSI) • Tire Pressure Warnings – Display Screen turns Red to Alert you Immediately if/when Pressures drop below your Preset limits • Tire Temperature Readings Front and Rear Simultaneously (programmable F/C and accurate to within 4 Degrees) • Tire Temperature Warning – Display Screen turns Red to Alert you Immediately if/when Temperatures exceed your Preset Limits • Motorcycle Battery Voltage – Display Shows Motorcycle Voltage Allowing You to Check Your Bike’s Battery and Charging System’s Heath at a Glance • Motorcycle Battery System Warning – Display Screen turns Red to Alert you immediately if/when the Bike’s Voltage drops below 11 Volts • TPMS Sensors Voltage – Display Shows you the Voltage of Front and Rear Each Tire Sensor’s 3-Year Battery • Safe and Secure In-Tire Sensor Mounting • Quick, Easy Display Mounting using the Supplied Velcro or 3M Extreme Environment Double Sided Tape • 12 Months Warranty and No Fuss Replacement standard. Register on our Site and get an additional 12 Months Warranty.