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RRR Adjustable Handlebar Riser System Caps Accessory DashSKU: AHBRSDASH

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Our special Caps and Accessory Dash makes mounting those Accessories like your GPS, SPOT Tracker, GoPro Camera, and Roll Chart devices. For years, we’ve been forced to use homemade brackets and mounts, but even then, the locations are just compromises. Imagine needing to navigate using the GPS and Roll Charts simultaneously when they are mounted on different sides of the handlebars. Now think of doing it while challenging terrain is coming at you at a quick pace. As you look down, much of the solution to our accessories mounting problem was right there in front of us –Those stock and aftermarket handlebar clamps were useless for anything except clamping the bars. Why wasn't that 3" x 7" area over the handlebar clamps being used for accessory mounting? Why had companies designed and built their caps/bolts for looks and not function? The advantages of mounting stationary accessories to the triple tree/handlebar clamps are that they have a lot less movement than if they are mounted on the ends of the handlebar near the mirrors. 1/2" of movement right or left at the steering head becomes more than 7" of movement at the mirror 12" away! Not only does central mounting reduce distortion, it's a lot safer and more practical having those mounted directly ahead of you - in your line of sight so that you can see what is coming at you and that next turn! The RRR Cap System and our Dash Systems work independently and together with our Adjustable Riser System to give you the widest possible range of adjust-ability and Accessories mounting options.