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#09 Traxxas Slash Deluxe Light Set RPM

SKU: Slash-Deluxe $99.95 $89.95 You Save: 10%

This is one of our premier Super Deluxe light kits that is a show stopper!  Here's what's included.


RPM's 6 LED ligth bar (Black or Chrome)
2 Super Bright  White 10mm LED Headlights
2 Super Bright White 5mm LED Headlights
2 Accent 5mm Blue LED's


2 Extra Large Red 10mm Brake Lights
3 Accent Red 3mm LEDs
2 Accent Red 5mm LEDs


1 Pair of Red Underbody Glow Tubes

Also Included:

JST Quick Disconnect Plug
JR Male plug for direct plug in to your receivers 3rd Channel AUX port
Push Button Red on/off Switch

This is a custom set designed by RCL for an extreme night bashing, jaw dropping, lighting experience that will leave them in the dark!



Body Not Included- For demonstration purposes only.