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4. Golfers Window™

SKU: 4 $99.00
Made from of 100% impact-proof and weather-resistant materials, the Golfers Window™ is a custom made, fully adjustable training tool that trains you to hit your target like a professional. Our calibrated custom target striping will teach you to overcome the parallel line dilemma that steals distance and accuracy from every golfer. When you use our practice aid, you will train yourself to properly associate alignment, aim, club head position, golf ball release, and the hitting of a target at any distance naturally and repeatably.

We guarantee that the Golfers Window™ will correct the direction of your golf ball, while you hit your target with newfound consistency. By using our product, you’ll gain an entirely different understanding of the game as you achieve rapid results. This will be the easiest, simplest and most rewarding adjustment that you make to your golf game.