Preventive Care Through Home Testing by Dr Vladimir Gordin

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Distinguished Doctor Vladimir Gordin takes the mystery and uncertainty out of Home Testing for health in this updated supplement to his Triangle of Health series. This book is essential for those who believe that preventing health issues is far superior to treating them. You’ll learn step-by-step routines, tests, and procedures that will allow you to check your health status in the comfort of your own home – no medical experience necessary! These tests are simple, accurate, and require only supplies easily found at your local drug store. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind and vibrant health that home detection provides with this concise and easy-to-use home testing guide..........How can you check your health at home? Which methods can be used? How can you check your health before the symptoms/problems/diseases start? All this and more……Home methods of testing: adrenals, thyroid, zinc, iodine, calcium, Candida, flat feet, blood pressure, posture, allergies, pimples and much more......
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