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Artwork That Engages the Observer

Backed by years of experience and a dedication to detail, the craftsmen at Ohana Island Creations in Kahuku, Hawaii, are on the leading edge of the world of Polynesian and wood carving. They create vivid Kapa drawings and traditional wood carvings here and in your home, all according to your request.

Live On the High Seas With These Works

As a leading provider of Kapa drawings and carvings, we take pride in offering the best. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. Ohana Island Creations specializes in Kapa drawings and traditional bone carvings. These images and figures feature wildlife, sea creatures, and other traditional forms. Our artwork is found throughout the world.

Woodworking Shop

Artwork Created In Living Mediums

Utilizing original mediums like wood and bone, the craftspeople at Ohana Island Creations create images that leave a lasting impression. You can always feel confident that you are receiving an original work that cannot be found elsewhere. These works will become prized possessions, and our sculptures are displayed in many exceptional locations. Tonu Naeata has a carving in a Princess Kauilani Hotel in Waikiki and was in the paper for that.

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