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Over My Head - Ian Tamblyn (1st edition cassette)

SKU: $9.99
Over My Head", as an independent recording surpasses many major label releases for clearness and clarity of fidelity. Originally commissioned by the Museum of Natural Sciences, Ian has set his music apart by his skillful, and at times brilliant integration of bird songs and calls into the eight compositions on "Over My Head". Ian Tamblyn has utilized bird sounds as distinct compositional elements. One gets the impression that the variety of birds and ducks were hired for the recording sessions, because they perform their cues with such accuracy and sensitivity. Although the number of species on this recording is too numerous to list, some of the instruments include the dulcimer, guitar, flute, percussion, piano, and synthesizer. This richly melodic music is full of life and a feeling of attunement with nature, much like the composer himself. Used - very good.