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(H7-8a) Traulsen 324-12769 Thermostat

SKU: 324-12769 $58.00
  • Traulsen 324-12769 Thermostat freezer
  • 12769 thermostat Temp range -19 to 10F 36" cap
  • Traulsen 324-12769 thermostat is used on Models: G31011, G22010TS, G22010, RDT332NUT, ADT332NUT, ALT126WUT, ALT132DUT, ALT132NUT, ALT132WPUT, ALT132WUT, ALT226WUT, ALT232NUT, ALT232WUT, ALT332WUT, GLT132WUTO, GLT232WUT, RLT232WUT, GLT232NUT, ALT132W, ALT332NUT, GLT332WUT, ADT126WUT, G31010JC, GLP132WUT, GLP232NUT, RIF132LUT, RIF232LUT, RIF232LUTFHS, RLT132WUT, RLT232NUT, RLT232NUTHHS, RLT332WUT, SG22002, GLT132WUT, G22000MC, G12000, G12010, G12011, G31010