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African Black Soap

SKU: £4.99
The 100% Natural Soap helps with the following: *Improves Skin Tone Black soap firms and tones skin and improves skin texture, for more supple and glowing skin. *Fades Skin Discolorations Black soap helps even out and fade brown spots and discolorations. *Reduces Inflammation and Skin Irritations Black soap helps reduce inflammation and skin irritations. It is soothing on dry and irritated skin, relieving dry patches, rashes and red areas. *Helps to Heal Problem Skin It eases the symptoms of skin conditions like acne. It has been reported that black soap helps lessen, treat and clear acne, gets rid of blackheads, psoriasis and eczema. *Has Deep Cleansing Action Black soap has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and is great for deep pore cleansing. It also is effective at removing makeup because of the oils and butters it contains. *It Alleviates Razor Bumps It is often used by men during shaving because of the high shea butter content, which protects the skin.