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Suctionline Fizzytabs

SKU: $19.99
Product Features Reduces Odor And Organic Buildup In Suctionline / This Product Is Great For Any Business Using A Suction Line In There Office. East To Use Natural And Safe / Non Hazardous / Non Corrosive Safe For All Plumbing / Will Digest The Organic Substances (Like Blood) And Wastes That Accumulate In Suctionlines. There Are 6 Fizzytabs In One Package. Product Description Application Rates Make a soluition by dropping in 1 Suctionline Fizzytabs into a 1-2 liters of water. Allow the tablet to dissolve. Apply part of the solution directly into the suctionline and pour part of the solution into the spit sink. Each Suctionline Fizzytab will treat up to 5 chairs For Best Results DO NOT apply with antimicrobials,disinfectants,or hot water (170 degrees F )