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RV FizzytabsTM Reduces Odors, Liquefies Solids, and Helps Keep Your Holding Tank Trouble-Free!

SKU: $29.99
Each RV Fizzytab :releases billions of beneficial bacteria into your system. Bacteriago straight to work digesting the organic material that cause the foul odors. The bacteria also help liquefy the organic material, removing the solid crust that is harmful to the plumbing. Holding Tank Maintenance:After dumping the holding tank or waste tank, drop 1 RV FizzytabTM directly into the toilet bowl, allow 3-4 minutes for the tab to dissolve, then flush. Use RV FizzytabsTM on both black and grey water systems. Normal odors should be reduced by using 1 RV Fizzytab per cleaning. For bad odors use several times per week. For extreme odors, use daily. - Enzyme producing bacteria - Safe for all plumbing - Digests grease & other wastes - Keeps drain lines free flowing - Reduces odors - Environmentally friendly Take Them With You On The Road ! 12 Tablets In One Package ! Product Description There are 12 tablets in one package. Use these tablets as needed. CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Eye Irritant. In case of eye contact, flush eyes with water for 15 minutes.