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High Efficiency Washing Machine Odor Control Fizzytabs (One Year Supply)

SKU: $19.00
Odor Control Fizzytabs! Removes the soap scum, organic material, mildew residue, and other smelly, nasty stuff that accumulates in your washing machine. Odor Control Fizzytabs will: Eliminate the source of the odor Degrade residues and deposits Leave your washer fresh and clean Odor Control Fizzytabs are: Safe and Natural Non-Toxic Safe for the septic system This is a quick and easy way to keep your washer clean and odor free. Product Description Drop one (1) washing machine Fizzytab into the empty machine. Run one cycle, on warm water (cold is OK too). If odor is not gone the next day repeat. Some washers may need more then one or two times if they have gone a long time with out cleaning. The recommended use is about every two month to keep your washer clean and odor free. Some may need to do once every month depending on how many loads a day you do.