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HeatSmart® Liberty Indoor Infrared Heater

SKU: $199.99
Heat Smart® has designed its line of heaters to provide warmth to the homes of families in an economical manner. With the Liberty infrared heater, families can provide long-lasting warmth to the rooms they use the most for pennies on the dollar. After all, why pay to heat your entire home when you spend most of your time in only a few of the rooms? By using the Liberty and a zoned heating approach, your family can now enjoy the benefits and savings of one of the most efficient convection-style heaters on the market. With its patented Gold Standard Elementsâ?¢, the Liberty delivers maximum comfort and savings. No other infrared heaters on the market combine the same heating performance with a beautiful furniture-grade exterior that will fit in perfectly in your home décor. So when the cold weather hits, get the Liberty and stop heating your home the expensive way... and start heating your home the Heat Smart way® !