Divorce Busting® Intensive Workshop for Professionals

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Divorce Busting® Intensive Workshop for Professionals
with Michele Weiner-Davis

This Divorce Busting® workshop is a pre-requisite for attending the Divorce Busting Practicum.

2018 Workshop Dates will be posted as soon as they are determined.
  Boulder, Colorado


Are challenging couples driving you crazy? Save your sanity and energize your practice by learning The Divorce Busting® Method. Help challenging couples rebound from the brink of divorce and keep their families together. Join Michele Weiner-Davis and a small group of kindred spirits for three days of Divorce Busting® lectures, discussions, video examples, and experiential exercises. By the end of the three days, you will feel more confidence and enthusiasm about helping unhappy couples resolve their differences and recommit to their marriages.

A message from Michele about the 2015 workshop.  The content is very similar to what will be covered in this workshop.

"This one of my favorite workshops, held in my favorite place in the world. We have lots of time together so I can really delve into the material and show lots of video examples of my work in a small group setting. There will be plenty of time for interaction, and ample opportunities to practice the skills you will be learning. Plus, you'll meet kindred spirits and make lots of new friends. And don't forget our dining out together in beautiful Boulder. Everyone who attends says this seminar not only builds their clinical skills, they find it truly personally transforming! Come and join us!"

For mental health professionals, clergy, marriage educators, pastoral counselors, marriage mentors, military chaplains and anyone who works with couples and is committed to helping them resolve their differences rather than dissolve their marriages.


When you work with couples, do you ever ask yourself . .
  • How do I get spouses to stop blaming each other long enough to find solutions?
  • How do I work toward improving the marriage if only one spouse will come in?
  • What if one spouse is determined to get out? Can I really help turn things around?
  • How can I help couples move beyond infidelity if they keep clinging to the painful past or if the unfaithful spouse won’t give up the affair immediately?
  • They rarely do their homework. Why am I working harder than they are?
  • What if one spouse has lost feelings for the other? What do I do then?
  • Can I really save a marriage when there is constant contempt and criticism?

    If you ask yourself these questions, plan on attending this workshop. It will change the way you work with couples forever.

    Michele Weiner-Davis has developed a model for working with couples experiencing very challenging problems. Since recognizing that the real challenge in couples work is combating hopelessness, she developed tools for first, reaching inside people’s hearts - helping them believe that good marriages are possible - and then showing them how to get there. Although this approach incorporates solution-oriented therapy, Michele has gone beyond the limits of the therapy model to access couples’ marriage-saving, family-preserving values and commitments in order to stack the deck in favor of the marriage.

    The Divorce Busting® Method is effective even with couples who are in the divorce process, separated, emotionally disconnected, dealing with infidelity, actively addicted and who have other serious relationship problems. The Divorce Busting® Method incorporates marriage education and wisdom Michele has gleaned from three decades of specializing in work with couples on the brink. This comprehensive Divorce Busting® Method has been used in clinical, pastoral and military settings.


    * What is The Divorce Busting® Method?

    * A step-by-step map for conducting first and subsequent sessions

    * Techniques for inspiring the "out the door" spouse

    * Tools for instilling hope

    * A program for helping couples recover from infidelity

    * Working with one spouse to effect relationship change

    * How to work with separated or "divorce in process" couples

    * What to do when you get stuck

    * The Last Resort Technique


    Lectures, videos, case consultations, group discussions, role-plays and experiential exercises.

    If you work with couples and are committed to helping them resolve their differences rather than dissolve their marriages, you won’t want to miss this intensive training. Bring two colleagues and get an additional discount.

    Continuing Education Information:
    Michele Weiner-Davis Training Corporation has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider ACEP #6035.  Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified.  Michele Weiner-Davis Training Corp is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.  20 clock hours.
    California Board of Behavioral Sciences Course meets the qualifications for 20 clock hours of continuing education credit for MFCC's Professional Counselors and/or LCSW's as required by the CA Board of Behavioral Sciences, Provider #PCE949.

    WHEN: We meet Wednesday & Thursday from 8:30am - 4:00pm, Friday from 8:30am - 3:30 pm

    WHERE: The workshop will be held at Best Western Boulder Inn, 770 28th Street, Boulder, Colorado 80303. Nightly room rates are $134 for 1 King bed OR $144 for two Queen beds, complimentary continental breakfast and free high-speed internet included. Please call the hotel directly at 800-233-8469 and reference code "DBC" for the special group rate.

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    I just wanted again to thank you for the inspiration training opportunity. Having finished graduate school approximately the same time as you, I’ve been to a lot of conferences, seminars, lectures and other formal learning events. While each event taught me something, I must say I think the most important thing I’ve learned was from you, though I heard M. Erickson and his followers say similar things. The client is the expert.
    I truly appreciated the opportunity to watch you with clients, your ability to focus on what was helpful in progressing to the goal and not being distracted by the obstacles was amazing. E Joseph Cossman is quoted as saying: obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal. While that is a catchy way of saying it, you taught it. Thank you.
    I know I wasn’t your best student, but I was the most benefited.
    CARL R. ROHBOCK, Omaha, Nebraska


    Thank you for a wonderful, stimulating week. I appreciated your being so clear, well organized and on task. Your personal interest in the group encouraged an atmosphere of friendship and support. Now that I am back home and ready to get back to work, I am looking over the materials you gave us. I am excited again and anxious to apply these new ideas with my clients.


    This workshop was one of the most useful I have ever attended. Michele's lively presentation style brought the material in her books to life. I started using her principles to good effect the day I returned to work. It helped me to jumpstart a case in which I had worked with a couple for months without success.

    Michele's approach has been especially effective with my military clients, who are good problem-solvers and generally prefer problem-solving to reflecting on why things have gone wrong. Michele's emphasis on letting clients identify their own solutions helped me to step aside and let my clients do the work of counseling. Needless to say, my clients are much more invested in carrying out their solutions than mine, and their solutions are the ones that most often are right on target.. ~~~ Dynamic presentation, well organized, great videos.


    The information about affairs and the therapist working harder than the client was particularly helpful and on target in my work.


    Michele's energy is electric and contagious!