When He's Not in the Mood - eBook

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When He's Not in the Mood
Fail-Proof Tips to Motivate Your Husband
by Michele Weiner-Davis

What Every Man Needs to Know about his Wife's Sex Drive

If you're married to a low desire man who refuses to talk about the problem, read a book, or go to a doctor, this concise, easy-to-read, psychobabble-free e-book will help him better understand himself, the impact of his actions on your marriage, and why you've been feeling so frustrated and hurt. Most importantly, this e-book offers many concrete tips that will motivate him to become a more active partner in revitalizing passion in your sex life. If you and your husband have argued about sex every time you bring up the topic, let Michele step in and coach your husband so that he will not become defensive. That's her forte!