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The Angels I Hold In My Arms

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"Gently they lifted her up, up, and further up. They floated over the room divider, and just as they were about to pass through the door, they turned back. Their smiles radiated pure joy, and a feeling Nancy described as ultimate peace filled the room. Then they were gone. Nancy looked down on the bed and saw that the elderly woman was no longer breathing; her body lay lifeless on the bed. Her soul was now somewhere with the angels, with her children, and with her God in eternal bliss."

Incredible? Unbelievable?

This was only one of many similar experiences Nancy Schwichtenberg has been privileged to have. She is not alone. Over the past 20 years, more and more individuals have begun to share such extraordinary experiences, experiences with angels, mysterious beings, mystical spirits who have come to help them, who have provided comfort and hope. Books have been written, seminars offered, television programs aired on those experiences. We can be skeptical, dismissing such things completely, or we can be open to what many refer to as God's mysterious ways.

Nancy is one who has been open to such mysteries, and like many others, she has been transformed. Out of that transformation developed a home where the sick, the elderly, and the dying could come to receive an endless amount of tender loving care. Men and women of all ages find their way to Nancy's Comfort Care, a small, cozy, inauspicious hospice outside the small town of Kasota in southern Minnesota.

ISBN: 978-0-9794940-0-0
Publish Date: 2007
Pages: 60
Size: 4.5 x 7 inches