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Nate Discovers Kidtown

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Moving to a new school isn’t easy. Who is my new teacher? Will anyone like me? How will I fit in? Nate soon discovers the world of Kidtown where kids “work as a team”. In Kidtown, Nate learns that all students are needed and important. And in the end, he’s glad he moved!

Welcome to the world of Kidtown, a classroom community where every student feels a strong sense of belonging and respectful relationships are fundamental to learning success. In the Kidtown series, students learn about respect, responsibility and the importance of being caring community members. Through their experiences in Kidtown, students learn and become smarter, stronger community members.

Parents and educators are encouraged to use Nate’s story as a springboard for thinking about belonging in a family, group, team and/or community. While most kids don’t belong to a place called Kidtown, where do they belong? How do they know they belong? How does a sense of belonging help us feel safe and make healthy choices?

ISBN: 978-0-9849262-0-6 - hard cover
ISBN: 978-0-9849262-1-3 - paperback
Publish Date: 2015
Pages: 32
Full color
Size: 7.5 x 9 x .5 inches