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MicroDetect  in Tallahassee, Florida offers the MicroRespirometer (MR) technology that sets the standard for  respiration rate determinations in terms of sensitivity (sub µL CO2/h), speed and cost-effectiveness (<$0.5/test). The MR technology is based on a unique patented principle (US Pat. 7,141,430,B2) that directly determines the respiration rate of a sample without monitoring CO2 concentration or waiting the CO2 to be absorbed exhaustively in the headspace of an incubator. Instead, a MR establishes a steady-state CO2 absorption/evolution status between its reagent and its sample during a 10-minute pre-assay shaking (PAS) period. After the PAS period, a MR determines the respiration rate by measuring the absorption rate of the reagent, which equals the respiration rate after the PAS period (observing the time required for the reagent to change color). The resolution of the MR method actually gets better as the respiration rate gets lower. This unique feature of the MR enables it to be the most sensitive and reliable real-time respirometr on the market. The MR technology has been endorsed by the WBT (World Best Technology) as one of the best technologies presented in its 2011 Innovation MarketShowcase Conference held in Arlington Texas, May 21-23, 2011.  

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