4 Season Brand New Vented RV Motor Home Travel Cover 20' 21' 22'

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After 2 Years in the Design Stag



Our Deluxe Covers are made of Non Woven (soft Fabric)  that wont scratch your RV. With 3 LAYERS OF PROTECTION ON ALL 4 SIDES and a waterproof Top. This high quality cover is built to last. The Fabric is Waterproof, UV Protected and comes with a making this cover the highest quality cover sold.

* Made for Class A B C RV Motor Homes, RV
* Semi Custom Design Sizes from 20'-40'
* Deluxe all weather protection 3 Layers on all 4 Sides of the Cover and Waterproof 600 Denier Top
* UV Protected
* Waterproof
* Breathable Non Woven Fabric, wont Scratch your Vehicle
*4 Air Vents Sewn Into the Cover
* Fabric is Double Stitched
* 4 Air Vents, Two on each side
* 2 Side Panels on Passenger Side with 3 zippers
* 3 Tied Downs on each side, 2 in the Front and 2 in the back, total of 7.  All quick release buckles
* We provide a piece of lead that can be tied onto the strap to throw under RV to tie down Down Sides
* Elastic Sewn into all 4 corners and Reinforced to insure a good fit
* Reinforced Front and Rear Triangle Patches for Straps
* Comes with a Free Carry Bag













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