Skeleton Art inspired by Day of the Dead 

 Los Muertos Fine Art Works  Stacey Sullivan de Maldonado  &  John Maldonado

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Monster pillow dolls meet ‘Los Muertos Fine Art Works’. Each handmade doll is approximately 9” wide x 12” tall x 3” deep (Some longer or shorter in places, depending on each unique design). Each is filled with recycled, soft polyester filling and all outside materials including their cotton poplin sewn on custom labels, are soft to the touch. With super plush polyester fronts and backs, and all other accents made from recycled Eco-felt, these dolls are as much fun to cuddle with as they are to collect. Artistically designed and tailored by hand, no two are alike, endowing each with a character and personality as unique as your own. Whether its your little inner monster craving some attention, a fuzzy new friend, or a snuggly sleep companion, these MONSTERZ come ready to cuddle, with open hearts and open arms. Entirely made by hand in Santa Fe, NM. Cuddle up to the little MONSTERZ in you!