Skeleton Art inspired by Day of the Dead 

 Los Muertos Fine Art Works  Stacey Sullivan de Maldonado  &  John Maldonado

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'Los Muertos' Dark Chocolate Bars - Box of 36 - $2.95 each

SKU: LMCB-36 $106.20

We are very excited to present to you our very own line of 'Los Muertos' Chocolate bars! The chocolate bars are created using 'Amor Chocolates' ingredients and manufactured and distributed here in Santa Fe, NM. USA. Our 6 different bars include: #1 - 'Moonlight Madness' Dark Red Chile Bar #2 - 'Divine Destiny' Dark Almond & Raspberry Bar #3 - 'Cryptic Crunch' Dark Coffee Bar #4 - 'Devil's Delight' Dark Orange & Raspberry Bar #5 - 'Sweet Reaper' Dark Peppermint Bar #6 - 'Eternal Fiesta' Dark Red & Green Chile Bar Each flavor was created and taste-tested with creativity and care by us! They are all amazing, melt in your mouth combinations! We also designed each bar with a different accompanying saying that makes the wrapper about as much fun to read and look at, as eating the delicious chocolate inside! These bars are entirely made in New Mexico - from the artwork on the label, to the physical wrapper and chocolate inside! Great for parties, weddings, showers or just to share with your beloved family and friends! Enjoy your 'Los Muertos' Chocolate Bars Now!
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