Skeleton Art inspired by Day of the Dead 

 Los Muertos Fine Art Works  Stacey Sullivan de Maldonado  &  John Maldonado

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Archival Paper Art Print- Framed 'Camping Feeds My Soul'

SKU: APF-CFMS $35.00
This 8" x 10" 'Los Muertos' archival art print, is framed under glass in a beautiful 8" x 10" 'Los Muertos' exclusive tin scroll cornered frame! This frame is backed with velvet, a built-in stand and ornate tin scroll corner pieces. Besides looking great, our customers love how this frame can be displayed firmly on the wall or propped up on any table top, mantle or flat surface. It is the perfect piece for any small space that needs a splash of 'Los Muertos' liveliness! Group more than one to fill a large Area! Each framed art print also comes with the "Meaning behind the Artwork" for you to keep and share with your family and friends.