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Our book Make Your Business a Lean Business is meant to make you successful in operational management within your business. Follow the process described within the book and see great results. We offer support; reach out to us with any questions.

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TR008 Chapter 4 Engaging Leadership and Preparing the Culture Change Plan Training Presentation

SKU: TR008 $40.00
Chapter 4 focuses on making a culture assessment and change plan if needed to achieve sufficient culture characteristics needed to support a successful LEOMS implementation. In addition engaging the top company leadership fully so they understand the LEOMS culture requirements and are committed to making the necessary investments in people and training to ensure a successful implementation. The culture assessment and change plan are based on Diagnosing and Changing Organizational Culture by Kim S. Cameron and Robert E Quinn. All Power point files have password restricted modification to protect file integrity. The files can be opened in “Read Only” mode and projected for training. If you have any issues opening and using the files please contact Hamilton Husby Associates at 580-919-0671

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