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Tricia Ebert Gold Meeting October 19th 2017

SKU: TEOCT1917 $49.00
You don’t know what you don’t know… Find out the most important questions to ask your real estate attorney…  What’s the best way to protect my assets? LLC? S-Corp? C-Corp?  What is a “dealer” and do I want to be one?  How do I protect myself from lawsuits? Come and learn these and many more vital questions you need to ask an attorney to protect yourself as an investor! Fraud Alert! Has your identity already been stolen? Find out how to protect yourself from identity theft!  Get a locking mailbox and have your packages delivered to a PO box.  Check your bank and credit card statements regularly for fraudulent charges.  Don’t give personal information to anyone calling or emailing you from Equifax! Learn about these safety tips and many more, along with what to do when your identity is stolen. Then find out how LegalShield & ID Shield can help you “Worry Less and Live More!” * Note: There will be a Door Prize! *
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