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Chrysalis Healing Series

SKU: KSOC107 $88.00
A guided healing series to release the residue in our energy field and creative channels to support us in connecting to the natural healing rhythms of our body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Session 1: Caterpillar - Honor the Present

In this healing we will be calling our energy into the Present and find the places within where we may:
Judge our growth
Compare ourselves to others
Hold off joy and satisfaction until the “right” thing happens

Session 2: Chrysalis - Prepare for Change

In this healing we will be going deeply into our mystic inner world. We will align with our sacred place of quiet and create a nourishing relationship with rest. We will metabolize the residue of distractions – the busy buzz that keeps us from exploring and going within.
We will bring healing to where we may-
Dismiss our insights
Ignore the signals for silence until we are exhausted
Resist our dreams and passions

Session 3: Emergence - Harnessing Power and Reducing Fear in the midst of Breaking Through
Change is rarely easy and the emergence of a Butterfly out of her Chrysalis tells us why ~ for in this step she learns her strength. By experiencing our own strength we deepen our trust in ourselves.

When we contemplate this phase… it can prevent us from starting a new creative cycle and project.

In this healing we will be

Letting go of our resistance to change
Clearing the residue of disappointing first starts, incomplete projects and any war within.
Releasing ancestral energy around struggle and survival

Session 4: Butterfly – Celebrating New Flight

In this healing we will celebrate and fly! We will remember to receive the gift of arrival.
We will clear and renew the energy of

Validation – balancing our inner voice and those outside of ourselves
Feeling satisfaction deep in our bones
Shying away from feeling complete and moving on to a new project too quickly

The Chrysalis Healing Series

After the completion of your purchase, you will directed to a page where you can download all 4 sessions and have access to them right away.

The intention for the Chrysalis Healing Series is to help us repair the fabric of our trust in ourselves. Let's honor those nudges, goose bumps, and dreams we all have & find our wings in this lifetime.
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