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Transition the 5-2 Defense into a 3-4 Approach

SKU: $24.95

Transition the 5-2 Defense into a 3-4 Approach is a 235-page manual with terminology, techniques, front illustrations, and coverage diagrams on the 3-4 defense, which is an offshoot of the 5 - 2 defense. The 3-4 defense involves rushing 3, 4, or 5 down defenders. When rushing 3 down defenders, this defense allows you to put 8 defenders into pass coverage or 4 defenders if rushing. Another option is setting up 7 defenders into coverages or 5 if rushing. Then, you can drop 6 defenders into coverage.

The 3-4 defense is based on the ability to rush 3 down defenders and drop 8 coverage players into pass zones. The 5-2 defense plays with 5 defensive linemen and drops 6 defenders into pass coverages. When the wide-open offenses came into their own on the West Coast, you really started to see defenses adjust their fronts to accommodate spread-formation offenses. The 3-4 defense is widely used verses 4-and-5-wide offensive formations and sets.